Board of Trustees

Kathy Turner Jones

Board Chair, Place 6 (March 2024)

General Manager
Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District
Trustee since 2014

Sonny Hinojosa

Board Vice Chair, Place 5 (March 2024)

General Manager
Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2
Trustee since 2005

Jeffrey Mayfield

Place 1 (March 2026)

Deputy Director – Solid Waste & Integrated Services
North Texas Municipal Water District
Trustee since 2021

Liz Fazio Hale

Place 2 (March 2026)

General Manager
Gulf Coast Authority
Trustee since 2020

Jonathan Stinson

Place 3 (March 2026)

Deputy General Manager
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Trustee since 2020

Derek Boese

Place 4 (March 2024)

General Manager
San Antonio River Authority
Trustee since 2022

Mick Maguire

Place 7 (March 2025)

Chief Administrative Officer
Tarrant Regional Water District
Trustee since 2023

John Womack

Place 8 (March 2025)

Systems Operation Manager
Colorado River Municipal Water District
Trustee since 2022

David Montagne

Place 9 (March 2025)

General Manager
Sabine River Authority of Texas
Trustee since 1992

Pam J. Steiger, CPA

Place 10 (March 2025

Chief Financial Officer
San Jacinto River Authority
Trustee since 2023

Sonia Lambert

Place 11 (March 2026)

Board Advisor
Cameron County ID #2 and Cameron County DD #3
Trustee since 2012

Stacey Steinbach


Executive Director
Texas Water Conservation Association
Secretary since 2020