Board of Trustees


Chair, Place 10

Kathy Turner Jones

Vice Chair, Place 6 (March 2024)

General Manager
Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District
Trustee since 2014

Jeffrey Mayfield

Place 1 (March 2026)

Deputy Director – Solid Waste & Integrated Services
North Texas Municipal Water District
Trustee since 2021

Liz Fazio Hale

Place 2 (March 2026)

General Manager
Gulf Coast Authority
Trustee since 2020

Jonathan Stinson

Place 3 (March 2026)

Deputy General Manager
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Trustee since 2020

Derek Boese

Place 4 (March 2024)

General Manager
San Antonio River Authority
Trustee since 2022

Sonny Hinojosa

Place 5 (March 2024)

General Manager
Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2
Trustee since 2005

Mick Maguire

Place 7 (March 2025)

Chief Administrative Officer
Tarrant Regional Water District
Trustee since 2023

John Womack

Place 8 (March 2025)

Systems Operation Manager
Colorado River Municipal Water District
Trustee since 2022

David Montagne

Place 9 (March 2025)

General Manager
Sabine River Authority of Texas
Trustee since 1992

Sonia Lambert

Place 11 (March 2026)

General Manager
Cameron County ID #2 and Cameron County DD #3
Trustee since 2012

Stacey Steinbach


Executive Director
Texas Water Conservation Association
Secretary since 2020

Ronald J. Neighbors

Chair Emeritus

Retired as General Manager
Harris-Galveston Subsidence District
Chair from 1988-2013