In the mid-1980s there was a great deal of instability in the commercial insurance marketplace.  During that period, water districts and authorities as well as other public entities could not obtain liability insurance or found it to be prohibitively expensive.  In response to this problem, statewide leaders worked with the Texas Water Conservation Association to develop a collective solution.  The result was the formation of the Texas Water Conservation Association Risk Management Fund, which began operation in July 1988 and has been serving as a valued partner to and resource for Texas water organizations for almost three decades.

Membership in the Fund is open to water districts and authorities that are created under state law.  The Fund’s bylaws require that a district or authority must also be a member of the Texas Water Conservation Association.  Districts and authorities become members of the Fund by entering an interlocal agreement.  The interlocal agreement establishes a program of self-insurance for participating members and spells out the terms of membership.

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Texas Water Conservation Association is a 501(c)(6) association of water professionals and organizations in the state of Texas. Members represent river authorities, municipalities, navigation and flood control districts, drainage and irrigation districts, utility districts, municipalities, groundwater conservation districts, all kinds of water users, and general/environmental water interests. TWCA membership includes engineers, hydrogeologists, attorneys, government administrators, and numerous other individuals committed to Texas water resource management.

TWCA serves as a leader and advocate for water users in the following ways:
• Acting in an advisory capacity to encourage and inform Congress, the Texas Legislature and governmental agencies at all levels charged with responsibility for water resources;
•Stimulating public awareness of water issues and activities at the state and national levels;
•Providing unique opportunities for professional growth and recognition in the field of water resources; and
• Offering affordable insurance coverage for members through the TWCA Risk Management Fund.

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Why should your district or authority join TWCARMF?

  Read the Fund’s 2020 State of the Fund Presentation at its Annual Membership Meeting

Your colleagues recommend the Fund.

In a recent member survey, 100% of survey respondents said they would recommend the Fund to other districts and authorities.

We believe risk pooling is absolutely the superior insurance product for a Texas public entity.

Unless your water entity is large enough to self-insure, a prudent intergovernmental risk pool will always be the lowest cost over time. Pools do not pay commissions, pools do not pay taxes, pools have open governance models which keep members in control, and the pool membership owns any “profits.”

We believe TWCARMF is Texas’ best pool to serve water districts and river authorities.

Water districts and river authorities are the Fund’s only focus. The Fund is not diluted by other types of public entities which distract our staff from their main focus, water entities. Our staff members are passionate about serving water entities. Many of our members have participated in the Fund for over two decades which reflects this shared dedication and focus. The Fund is recognized by the Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP) for compliance with the national association’s advisory standards for pool operations. Only forty-three pools among hundreds are currently recognized by AGRiP.

We believe TWCARMF Board members best represent water districts and river authorities.

Our Board has no confusion about who the Board represents. The Board is comprised of senior managers and leaders who keep our members their main focus.

We believe TWCARMF provides the best coverages available.

The Fund’s coverages are tailored to water operations and we offer higher limits. We believe our members will never be embarrassed by the Fund’s coverages.

We believe members should have a say in how claims are settled.

We are committed to collaborating with members prior to settling litigated claims.

We believe members should have access to the best risk management practices available.

Our members receive quarterly newsletters, risk management bulletins, contract reviews, employment law updates, risk management consultations, online training materials, and free legal consultation. In fact, the Fund’s staff average over 20 years of experience in risk management.

We believe we should maintain an active, collaborative partnership with our sponsoring association.

The Fund wholeheartedly supports its parent association, the Texas Water Conservation Association. We believe that they share in the interests of Texas water entities.

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