About the Fund

The Texas Water Conservation Association Risk Management Fund (the Fund) is a self-insurance pool formed by Texas water districts and authorities to provide expert resources and access to a customized insurance program for its members. The Fund provides workers’ compensation, liability, and property coverage programs for its member centers.  Through the Fund, member centers pool their risks and combine resources to obtain greater stability and economies of scale for risk management.  In addition to self-insurance coverage, member centers receive risk management, legal, and loss prevention services tailored to meet their needs.

Why The Fund Was Created

In the mid-1980s there was a great deal of instability in the commercial insurance marketplace.  During that period, water districts and authorities as well as other public entities could not obtain liability insurance or found it to be prohibitively expensive.  In response to this problem, statewide leaders worked with the Texas Water Conservation Association to develop a collective solution.  The result was the formation of the Texas Water Conservation Association Risk Management Fund, which began operation in July 1988 and has been serving as a valued partner to and resource for Texas water organizations for almost three decades.


The Fund has grown in size and strength over the years and continues to develop new solutions to meet our members’ evolving risk management and insurance needs.

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  • Audited Financial Statement

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