Workers' Compensation Notices

Texas employers are required to post the following notices.

Notice 6: Employer’s Notice of Workers’ Compensation

Texas Workers’ Compensation Rule 110.101(e)(1) requires employers who are covered by workers’ compensation through a commercial insurance company to advise their employees that they are covered by workers’ compensation insurance coverage and that they can obtain additional information about their workers’ compensation rights from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), Division of Workers’ Compensation by calling its toll free number.

As required by the TDI, notices in English, Spanish and any other language common to the employer’s employees must be posted and:

  1. Prominently displayed in the employer’s personnel office, if any;

  2. Located about the workplace in such a way that each employee is likely to see the notice on a regular basis;

  3. Printed with a title in at least 26-point bold type, subject in at least 18 point bold type, and text in at least 16 point normal type; and

  4. Contain the exact words as prescribed in Rule 110.101(e)(1).

icon-doc Notice 6 in English

icon-doc Notice 6 in Spanish

New Employee Notice Reference Rule 110.101

This notice requirement does not apply to employers that are political subdivisions with coverage under Chapter 504 of the Texas Labor Code (all Fund members). A new employee who previously worked for a private employer may ask about this.

You can explain that §504.018(b) of the Texas Labor code requires that all public employees are covered by workers’ compensation.  It states, in part, that “Employees of a political subdivision are conclusively considered to have accepted the compensation provisions instead of common-law or statutory liability or cause of action, if any, for injuries received in the course of employment or death resulting from injuries received in the course of employment.”

Since employees of a political subdivision are not eligible to “opt out” of the Act, the notice is not required.

Employer's Notice of Ombudsman Program

Effective September 1, 2013, employers are also required notice of Texas’ Ombudsman Program that provides employees assistance if they have a workers’ compensation dispute.

icon-doc Ombudsman Program Notice in English

icon-doc Ombudsman Program Notice in Spanish

Information on the Alliance Requirements for Employees

The Alliance was formed in 2006 by five risk pools that offer workers’ compensation coverage and claims services to public entities in Texas. Our direct-contracting program is designed to foster cooperative relationships between the providers, adjusters, injured workers, and employers. These materials assist covered injured workers to understand their rights and responsibilities when seeking medical treatment.

Read the Alliance Requirements for Injured Employees