Bulletins and Resources

Loss Prevention Bulletins and Resources

The Fund has created Loss Prevention Bulletins on a wide array of topics to assist members on specific safety and risk management issues.  Use the links below to view or download the items listed.

Guidelines for Insurance Requirements for Contractors

The guidelines specify the lines of coverage and the limits of liability that should be required for nine different categories of services that may be provided by contractors.  The guidelines are intended as an advisory resource for members.

Read the Guidelines for Insurance Guidelines for Contractors

Risk Alert - Tropical Storm Harvey

This Risk Alert is to bring awareness of the approaching Tropical Storm Harvey.

Read the Risk Alert for Tropical Storm Harvey

Property Coverage Risk Alert - Scheduled Property

This risk alert highlights the types of items that must be scheduled in order to ensure coverage.

Property Coverage Risk Alert - Scheduled Property (2017)

Property Coverage Bulletin

This bulletin provides an explanation of the Fund’s Property Coverage Document. What’s covered; and, what’s not covered?

Property Coverage Bulletin (2016)

Flood Coverage Bulletin

This bulletin provides a thorough review of flood insurance, what is covered and what is not covered.

Read the Flood Coverage Bulletin

Hurricane Preparedness Bulletin

We updated this bulletin which provides an overview of some of the key steps to consider before there is an imminent threat of a hurricane making landfall on the Texas coast.  It also provides a listing of important resources that can help water districts and authorities in their disaster preparations.

Read the Hurricane Preparedness Bulletin

Report on Utilization of Loss Prevention Services

This report provides a summary of loss prevention services that are available and the extent to which they are used by members around the state.

Read the Report on Utilization of Loss Prevention Services