Winter Storm Claims

Winter Storm Claims

Texas has been hit by multiple weather related storms in the past week.  The worst may be over but it will take some time to restore any damage done by the storms.  Below you will find some brief but helpful information if you have experienced a loss due to winter weather.


In the event of a loss related to the freezing weather:

  1. Mitigate the loss as much as you possibly can. This would include shutting off the water, using floor fans and a wet/dry vacuum, etc.  You will need to contact a Water Remediation/Restoration company as soon as you can.

Some companies to call would be:

  • Blackmon Mooring

  • ServePro

  • Service Master

  • Black Hills Restoration

Other than these large outfits, you may also want to call any local water remediation/restoration companies you can find. These companies will have waiting lists.

  1. The next step is to complete a Loss Notice and report the loss to the Fund. Please make sure you specify the address location of each damaged property.

  2. We will set up claims for each damaged location and assign to one of our local adjusters. They will then assign the claim to a Field Adjuster to contact you regarding appraising the damages. See links below.


Please continue to be safe as we work together to mitigate, assess and address claims as soon as possible.


Complete the appropriate loss notice and send to icon-export

For more information on the claims process click here