Risk Control

Risk Control Services

Professional risk control consultants provide site surveys, claims analysis, safety training, defensive driver training, safety committee coaching, remote site safety training and consulting for members on specific safety matters and programs. Risk control consultants can help with safety program design, evaluation of new construction and remodeling for life safety codes and are well versed in the safety requirements.  They develop and present the topics in the regional safety seminars and conduct accident investigations.


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Risk Management Consultations

Risk management consultations are a unique service that the Fund provides for its members. Risk management consulting is provided by a risk management consultant with over twenty years of risk management consulting experience. A risk management review examines member systems in place to prevent losses from

  • Employee injury

  • Automobile accidents

  • Injury or damage to consumers or members of the public

  • Financial loss

  • Loss from employment practices lawsuits

  • Property loss

  • Catastrophic loss

  • Damage to Reputation

The review includes extensive on site interviews with management and other staff members. Visits to selected facilities; review of risk management programs and systems; analysis of loss history; and review of coverage documents, limits of liability, deductibles, and endorsements.  Member contracts with vendors and certificates of insurance are also examined for effective risk transfer.

Each consultation culminates in a report to management that details findings and makes recommendations for improvement.  The recommendations are offered with the Fund’s pledge of assistance in their implementation.  The report is presented to the member’s management team and governing board, if desired.  Follow-up visits and involvement help address the needs identified in the report or any additional risk management issues for which the member needs assistance.

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Legal Consultation

Legal loss prevention consultations are available to all members to provide specialized legal advice to limit liability.  This service is provided by Fund attorneys who have extensive experience with Fund members and Texas public entities. Simply contact the Fund’s litigation management team who will assign legal counsel based on the issue and legal expertise needed.