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Online Training

The Fund offers online safety training courses which members’ employees can access from a personal computer. Topics include general safety training courses, driver training, and human resource courses. Users can track their own progress through these highly interactive courses as well as print certificates of completion once they have passed a simple test.

Online training is intended to supplement the other courses offered such as leadership training, safety officer training, defensive driving, etc.

Current Menu of Online Courses:

Course Name Length (minutes)
Basic Construction Safety 60
8 Tips for Working From Home 5
Leading Successful Remote Teams 5
6 Tips for Parents Working from Home 5
Managing Stress in Uncertain Times 10
A COVID-19 Response: Returning to Work 10
Playground Supervision 10
Indoor Crane and Sling Safety 60
Complying with HIPAA for Business Associates 35
Complying with HIPAA for Covered Entities 40
Complying with HIPAA for Hybrid Entities 40
PCI Security Standards for IT and Back Office 20
PCI Security Standards for Managers 25
PCI Security Standards on the Phone and Online 15
PCI Security Standards at the Point of Sale 20
Preventing Phishing 15
Privacy Awareness 20
Records Management 20
Security Awareness with Privacy Principles 60
Security Awareness 60
Responsible Use of Social Media 20
Cyber Security: Best Practices for At-Home Employees 15
Avoiding the Crush Zone 15
Defensive Driving 60
Survival Driving – Urban Driving 30
Survival Driving: Emergencies & Natural Disasters 30
Defensive Driving for Passenger Vans 60
Space and Time Management 15
Driving with Distractions 15
Managing Speed 15
Avoiding Collisions While Backing & Parking 15
Driving in Adverse Weather 15
Avoiding Collisions with Animals 15
Intersections: Turning & Right of Way 15
Driving While Impaired 15
Lane Use 25
Turning Hazards 10
Hazard Recognition 20
Aggressive Driving and Road Rage 20
Vehicle Care and Maintenance 10
Light Trucks: Avoiding Collisions 15
Light Trucks: Backing Safety 15
Light Trucks: Driving Hazards 15
Reasonable Suspicion for Drug and Alcohol Testing: The Role of the Supervisor 30
Reasonable Suspicion for Drug and Alcohol Testing: Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use 60
Reasonable Suspicion for Drug and Alcohol Testing: Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Misuse 60
Light Trucks: Handling Extreme Conditions 20
Light Trucks: Trailering 20
Light Trucks: Ergonomics 20
Eye and Face Protection 30
Emergency Response in the Workplace 45
Emergency Communication in the Workplace 45
Workplace Ergonomics 30
Electrical Safety 60
Flagger Safety 90
Forklift Safety 60
Hazard Communication – The New GHS Standards 60
Comunicación de Peligros (Hazard Communication – New GHS Standard) 60
Dump Truck Safety 20
Bulldozer Safety 20
Road Grader Safety 20
Backhoe Safety with Trackhoe Supplement 30
Snow Plow Safety 20
Hearing Conservation 30
Hand and Power Tool Safety 30
Introduction to Lawful Hiring 15
Hiring Liability: Discrimination 15
Hiring Liability: Negligent Hiring 15
Hiring Liability: Improper Background Investigations 15
Hiring Liability: Misrepresentation & Implied Contracts 15
Hiring Liability: Supervisor Responsibilities 10
Lawful Interviewing: Prepare to Interview 10
Lawful Interviewing: Ask Effective Questions 15
Lawful Interviewing: Conduct Interviews, Part I 15
Lawful Interviewing: Conduct Interviews, Part II 15
The Family and Medical Leave Act: Overview 15
The Family and Medical Leave Act: Qualifying Reasons 25
The Family and Medical Leave Act: Supervisor Responsibilities 30
FLSA and Minimum Wage Rules 25
FLSA: Employee Classification & Overtime Rules 15
FLSA: Record Keeping Rules 10
Title I of ADA: Reasonable Accommodation 20
Title I of ADA: Interactive Process 20
Title I of ADA: Supervisor Responsibilities 15
Harassment Prevention for Employees 60
Diversity in the Workplace: Diversity For All 20
Emergency Leave Under the FFCRA 15
Wage and Hour Concerns During an Emergency 10
The Drug-Free Workplace Act for Supervisors 40
The Drug-Free Workplace Act for Employees 40
Practicing Hand Hygiene 15
Landscape Safety 30
Material Handling and Storage 60
Safety Data Sheets 45
New Employee Safety Orientation 60
Office Safety 30
Personal Protective Equipment 60
Playground Safety 30
Preventing Strains and Sprains 30
Respiratory Protection 60
Accident Incident Investigation 30
Lockout/Tagout Safety 15
Ladder Safety 25
Fire Prevention 20
Fall Protection 20
Personal Protective Equipment: Hand Protection 15
COVID-19: A Pandemic Response 10
Preparing Your Workplace for COVID-19 25
Scaffolding Safety 15
Bloodborne Pathogens 45
Employee Safety Awareness 15
Safety Awareness Program for Supervisors 45
Job Hazard Analysis for Supervisors 60
Job Hazard Analysis 60
Back Safety 30
Confined Space Entry 60
Introduction to OSHA 60
Basic Industrial Safety 30
Behavior-Based Safety for Supervisors 30
Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Awareness 30
Hoisting & Rigging 60
Spill Prevention and Control 30
Trenching and Excavation Safety 60
Fire & Explosion Hazards 30
Compressed Gas Safety 60
Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls 30
Transitional Duty: Improving Your Return to Work Program 30
Tailgate Topics – Distracted Driving: Drop it & Drive 10
Tailgate Topics – Intersections 10
Tailgate Topics – Hang Up and Drive: Cell Phones + Driving 10
Tailgate Topics – Safe Backing 10
Tailgate Topics – Safe Following 10
Tailgate Topics – Buckle Up 10
Tailgate Topics – Drowsy Driving 10
Tailgate Topics – Avoiding Accidents 10
Tailgate Topics – Winter Driving 10
Tailgate Topics – Emotional Driving 10
Tailgate Topics – Driving Defensively 10
Welding Cutting and Brazing Safety 30
Winter Driving Safety 60
Working Outdoors in Warm Weather 30
Active Shooter Response for the Workplace 30
Work Zone Safety 40


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How it Works

Each member is assigned an employer account code to access the online training. Employees will need to register individually by entering their employer’s account code on the registration page and setting up a username and password. After registering, employees can then log on to individual courses using their username and password.

First Time User Instructions

Printing Completion Certificates

You can print a certificate when you complete a course from the Online Training Center from the Student Center section. Select the link below for step-by-step instructions.

How to print a certificate of completion

Tracking Course Utilization

The online training program includes a course administration module that gives designated safety officers or Fund members the ability to track employee utilization of courses.

Email Fund to Request Course Utilization

For Further Information and Assistance

For Employer Account Codes and other technical issues contact FirstNet Learning.

A FirstNet representative is available to assist you Monday through Friday, 9AM – 6PM.

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