2021 Risk Management Seminar - October 19, 2021

2021 Risk Management Seminar - October 19, 2021

The TWCARMF Risk Management Seminar will be held on October 19, 2021. The sessions will be held online this year using Zoom. Please use the links below to register to attend.

Please note that if you want to attend both sessions, you must complete and submit two separate registrations, one for each session.

Jeremy Wade, Risk Services Manager, TWCARMF will present the first session.  Jeremy is the Risk Services Manager for the Texas Water Conservation Association Risk Management Fund with fourteen years’ experience in the areas of safety, risk reduction, property appraisals and quality management. Mr. Wade grew up in New Braunfels and attended Texas A&M University where he graduated with a degree in Economics. Along with his Risk Services Manager duties, he continues to provide loss control consulting to Fund clients in the South Texas Region and coordinates the Fund’s property appraisals and loss exposure evaluations. In addition to loss control consulting, Jeremy provides safety training on site, as well as, in workshops, seminars and webinars. Jeremy has prior loss control consulting experience with a large municipal and special district (water authorities, fire districts, school districts and park and recreation departments) self-insurance risk pool in Oregon state.

Joel Geary, Waddell Serafino Geary Rechner Jenevein, P.C., will present the second session. Joel is a native Tennessean, Mr. Geary has been practicing litigation and providing general counsel to clients in Texas and throughout the United States, as well as globally, for over a decade.

His practice has taken him from corporate boardrooms to state and federal courts and arbitral tribunals in many U.S. states, Europe, and Asia. His practice is substantively and geographically diverse – ranging from class action litigation in Texas to commercial disputes in Indiana to technology arbitrations in Belgium. The type of matters Mr. Geary has handled and resolved in his career range from bet-the-company lawsuits to individual employment discrimination disputes.


Session #1 (10:00 AM) 

Property Loss Control Best Practices – In this session Jeremy will discuss lessons learned from property coverage carriers regarding property loss control measures related to severe storms, fire, contractors and other risk exposures. The best defense for severe weather is to have a plan in place and Jeremy will go over emergency response plan best practices and review policies and procedures to ensure your fire protection system is functioning properly. Finally, Jeremy will cover how requiring contractors to adhere to your policies and procedures will help eliminate risk exposures when they are working in or around your buildings.


TWCARMF Risk Management Workshop Session One

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Session #2 (1:00 PM)

Joel Geary will present overviews on two topics where we occasionally see potential issues arise.

First, Joel will provide insights on the Texas Open Meetings Act (the Act).  Districts, like other public entities, want and intend to comply with the requirements of the Act.  However, the Act is extensive and complex, opening the possibility for an unintended mis-step.  Joel will highlight the basics of the Act, as well as some of the nuances in the Act, to help ensure Districts remain in compliance.

Joel’s second presentation will cover making reasonable accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The ADA is also very lengthy and convoluted.  New case law in this area is constantly emerging.  Districts don’t always realize when or how they should make an accommodation under ADA.  This can be especially challenging given the infrequency with which District’s encounter this.  Joel will help participants understand exactly what it means to make a reasonable accommodation and when an accommodation is appropriate and when it’s not.

Joel will try to save a few minutes at the end of his presentations for participant’s questions.  Time permitting, we’ll open the floor for questions on any liability-related matter.


TWCARMF Risk Management Workshop Session Two

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